Choosing The Right Lens Tint

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What tint should my ski goggles be?

Choosing The Right Lens Tint

When purchasing ski goggles, you'll want to choose the right tint, depending on the weather and your specific activity. Here is a list of the various tints and what they're best for:

  • Yellow, Gold, Amber- Good for low light, moderate light, and fog. Emphasize shadows so you can see bumps in mountain terrain.
  • Rose- Low-light, grey days.
  • Green and other dark tints- Keep your eyes more comfortable in bright lights.
  • Polarized- Block reflected glare and work well in bright light. Not ideal at end of day when shadows may be more prevalent.
  • Mirror coatings- Block some glare. Usually used for cosmetic purposes.
  • Clear lenses- Should always be used for night skiing.



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