Polarization Sunglasses Help With Some Eye Conditions

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: I am really sensitive to bright light. Are there types of sunglasses that are better than others for my condition?

Polarization Sunglasses Help With Some Eye Conditions

The popularity of polarization sunglasses is soaring as people find out just how much these lenses can reduce glare and improve your visibility when enjoying outdoor sports. But did you know that polarization sunglasses can also help people with certain eye conditions see better both inside and outside?

Photo chromatic polarization sunglasses are perfect for those who suffer from light sensitivity. These lenses, which turn darker when more light is present and lighten again when light is reduced, can help those with eyes that are sensitive to large amounts of light. They are perfect for people whose lighting environment changes often, such as going from outside to inside, and allow the eye to be protected from harsh light. Those who have just had cataract surgery are also good candidates for these types of sunglasses.

For those who suffer from farsightedness, polarization sunglasses can help improve their ability to read or see object that are close up. These lenses also reduce eye strain and squinting thanks to their ability to reduce large amounts of glare. You'll also enjoy realistic perception of objects you're viewing and enhanced contrast of those objects for better all around visibility.



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