Get The Scoop On Spy Optics Sunglasses

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I hate it when my sunglasses fog up. Is there a pair of sunglasses on the market that don’t do this?

Get The Scoop On Spy Optics Sunglasses

Spy Optics sunglasses are the leader in technologically advanced sunglasses. In fact, their Scoop technology is so efficient that it has five US patents attached to it. The Scoop technology of the Spy Optics sunglasses virtually eliminates pesky fogging of your lenses by forcing air through scoop vents when you move forward. This movement is done through a Venturi effect in which warm humid air is drawn into the scoops and out behind the sunglasses' lenses.

If you love the customization of interchangeable lenses, check out Spy Optics' Commando Kits. These kits, consisting of two different colored lenses, are available for selected styles of Spy Optics sunglasses. Kit one comes with both clear and orange tinted ARC lenses, which suitable for low lighting conditions such as overcast or snowy days. Kit two provides a pair of yellow and cyan ARC lenses. Use the yellow lenses for low lighting conditions and choose the cyan lenses for blocking out the sun's rays on bright days without having colors faded out.

All Spy Optics sunglasses come with a one year warranty. Do be aware though that the warranty does not cover normal lens scratching from wear and tear. You will need your original receipt with the purchase date on it. If you do not have your receipt Spy Optics will still replace your lenses for a nominal fee.



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