Choosing The Right Interchangeable Lenses For Your Sporting Activities

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Can you give me a guide as to what types of sunglasses are best for certain sports?

Choosing The Right Interchangeable Lenses For Your Sporting Activities

Depending on your outdoor activities you'll need a lens that offers you the best visibility and protection for the conditions. To increase your sight ability and enjoyment of your favorite sport follow this guideline for choosing the right interchangeable lenses.

For snow activities such as skiing or snowboarding you'll require lenses that improve contrast and eliminate snow glare. Goggles are a good choice or frames that fit snugly and provide ventilation to minimize fogging. Amber colored lenses are a good choice for best visibility on the slopes.

Cycling or motor cross sports require interchangeable lenses that will also protect your eyes from dirt and debris. Wrap around lenses are a good choice. For bright lighting conditions choose blue or brown lenses for better contrast and switch to yellow tinted lenses for low light conditions.

Water sports suit polarized lenses best as they reduce glare from the water's surface. Using a wrap around strap with a snug fit is also a good idea to prevent loosing your sunglasses in the water should they fall off. For runners dark brown or grey interchangeable lenses for sunny days work well. For extremely bright conditions you may want to try mirrored lenses for the best visibility. Yellow or amber lenses work best for cloudy days or once the day's light begins to fade.



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