The Beauty of Rudy Project Interchangeable Lenses

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I keep hearing about interchangeable lenses. Besides being able to change colors are there any benefits to these lenses?

The Beauty of Rudy Project Interchangeable Lenses

Rudy Project Interchangeable lenses are perfect for adjusting to those tricky and varying lighting conditions. Yet, acting like a chameleon isn't the only fabulous feature of these amazing lenses. A great deal of science and thought to comfort went in to designing the perfect pair of sunglass lenses with the user in mind.

The Quick Change interchangeable lenses have built in vent holes right in the top of the lenses to minimize fogging and keep your eyes dry. Air holes in the frame direct air current towards the face which also cuts down on the likelihood of foggy lenses. The Rudy Project lenses even go so far as to allow the wearer to adjust the amount of air flow through a vent controller. This is perfect for those who wear contact lenses and need to avoid excess air flow to the eyes which causes uncomfortable drying of the contact lenses.

For the ultimate in interchangeable lenses Rudy Project offers the SGV option. This kit, called the sunglass goggle version and conversion kit, includes an elastic strap with a protective Grilamid interface. The allergenic foam provides a comfortable fit and the double lens construction of the goggles prevents fogging. This conversion kit is perfect for harsh conditions such as strong winds or bitter cold.



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