Don't Go Golfing Without Your Rudy Project Sunglasses

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I play golf and I was wondering if you could recommend a good pair of sunglasses?

Don't Go Golfing Without Your Rudy Project Sunglasses

If you're an avid golfer you know how important it is to be able to see the layout of the course in front of you. Often one pair of sunglasses doesn't provide the visibility you need for varying light conditions. This is where a pair of Rudy Project sunglasses can save your golf game.

For those bright and sunny days try wearing the Freeon Golf Rudy Project sunglasses. Their green tinted lenses allow for maximum visibility in bright lighting conditions while still allowing you to clearly see the colors of objects. The frames are lightweight and flexible for comfort.

On overcast days when you're staring at miles of dull green grass through your dark lenses, switch over to the red tinted Rudy Project sunglasses. These lenses make objects set against a green background stand out, allowing you to see the hole, sand traps and your ball much clearer in a sea of green.

The Ketyum Golf 2 Rudy Project sunglasses are designed for the ultimate in comfort and eye protection. The patented spring hinges absorb shock, protecting the face from injury, perhaps from a wayward golf ball.



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