Croakies For Your Cheap Designer Sunglasses

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I’m always loosing my sunglasses because I take them off and forget to pick them up again. Are there any stylish cords I can use to keep my sunglasses with me?

Croakies For Your Cheap Designer Sunglasses

So you bought yourself some cheap designer sunglasses. Since you saved yourself some money why not spend a few dollars making sure you don't loose them. Croakies revolutionized the eyewear industry in the late 1970s with their stylish cords for sunglasses and have since probably saved many a pair of sunglasses from a horrible fate.

Croakies come in two different styles. The rubber variety is made from high quality neoprene which is both adjustable and washable. There is also the cotton suiter croakeis made from soft quality cotton yarn. You can adjust the fit for a tighter or looser grip for maximum comfort. Just because you scored yourself a pair of cheap designer sunglasses doesn't mean they don't deserve some stylish accessories.

Croakies do more than just look cool, they can also save your sunglasses from being lost or damaged. These are the perfect life line for your cheap designer sunglasses if you are anywhere near deep water or hiking over rough terrain. Without a pair of croakies your sunglasses could easily fall off and sink into oblivion or suffer damage if they hit rocky ground. So since you saved some dough on those sunglasses splurge a little and get yourself some Croakies.



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