Caring For Inexpensive Sunglasses

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I bought a pair of sunglasses that I love and I want to know the best way to care for them so they last.

Caring For Inexpensive Sunglasses

Just because you didn't lay out top dollar for your inexpensive sunglasses doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of them. Just like you'd baby those pricey Prada sunglasses, you should show those less expensive pair some love and they will continue to look great and last.

The best defense against damage is to keep your inexpensive sunglasses in a case when not being worn. A hard shell case is best and will protect your lenses from scratches and prevent frames from being bent or broken if they are dropped or squished. You should also take care never to leave plastic frames in direct sunlight. Hot temperatures can warp plastic frames so never leave them on the dashboard of your vehicle or sitting out in the sun for prolonged periods of time.

When cleaning your inexpensive sunglasses the optimum way is with a proper cleaning solution and a lens cloth. If you don't have those handy a damp lint-free cloth with do in a pinch. So you don't get caught using your shirt, always keep a cleaning cloth in your sunglass's case for those wiping emergencies.



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