What To Look For When Buying Bargain Sunglasses

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: I can’t afford expensive sunglasses. Can you give me any tips on buying a good pair of bargain sunglasses?

What To Look For When Buying Bargain Sunglasses

Just because you're shopping for bargain sunglasses doesn't mean you shouldn't have standards. After all, what good are bargain sunglasses that don't block UV rays or are uncomfortable to wear? Here's a guide to use when seeing if your bargain sunglasses measure up.

When shopping for bargain sunglasses be sure the lenses are dark enough to filter out 75 to 90% of the sun's harmful UV rays. This will save your eyes from permanent sun damage. Also, blocking out the sun's bright light will eliminate squinting which can cause unsightly wrinkles later on.

If you decide to choose bargain sunglasses with plastic lenses make sure those lenses have a scratch resistant coating on them to protect them from damage. There's nothing worse than trying to look through lenses with huge scratches in them and it could cause unnecessary strain on your eyes. For the ultimate in eye protection you may want to consider the wrap around style of sunglass lenses. These are trendy right now and offer protection on the top, bottom and sides of the eyes with their face hugging shape.

The frames you choose are also a huge factor as to whether or not your bargain sunglasses will be a great deal. Opt for lightweight lenses that are sturdy such as nylon or composite frames. Metal frames can look great but they may end up being too heavy and uncomfortable to wear. Bargain sunglasses with adjustable nose rests are also a bonus for added comfort.



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