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Has fashion eyewear come that far?

Fun Facts

Let's twist and shout back to the 1950's and 1960's - an era inspired by Elvis and Marilyn, pink Cadillac's, James Dean, JFK and Jackie-O, all of which helped inspire a generation of famous eyewear styles.

Heartthrob Elvis Presley wore sunglasses not only as a fashion statement, but in the years to come, Elvis suffered from glaucoma. In true star fashiohn, Elvis had his sunglasses personally designed with his TCB logo and EP initials. He would even order 20 pairs at a time.

Marilyn Monroe was often photographed wearing her favorite pair of sunglasses -- cool green lenses with a pale yellow frame. The trend setting Jackie-O wrap-around sunglasses were a must with any high fashion lady's wardrobe. And today this vintage look is hitting the runway.

Eyewear continues to be the most important enhancement in our daily fashion decisions. People will always have a need for the privacy and mystery that sunglasses provide. So add fun to your daily life style, and feel like a celebrity with some vintage eyewear fashions!



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