Gargoyle Sunglasses

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Why are Gargoyle sunglasses good for athletes?

Gargoyle Sunglasses

In business since 1983, the founder of Gargoyle sunglasses realized a need for sunglasses for athletes that offer protection and can also be worn for an extended period of time. Gargoyle's Dual-Lens Toric Curve design is not spherical in shape, unlike other sunglasses lenses. Instead, the lens design features a horizontal curvature similar to that of a 10-base lens, and a vertical curvature similar to that of a 5-base lens. Gargoyle's lenses provide up to 210 degrees of peripheral coverage, which is actually the most extreme wrap on the market. Eye irritation, headaches, and dizziness associated with long-term use of competing lens designs are eliminated because the optical center of each lens can be aligned with the visual center of the eye so visual distortion is minimized when looking straight ahead and when viewing objects at extreme peripheral angles.

Gargoyle sunglasses also have a Zero-Prism Design, which minimizes refraction so that light can be transmitted directly to your eye with virtually no change in direction. Classic Gargoyle sunglasses are 50 times stronger than safety glass and 20 times stronger than structural aluminum.



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