Prescription Goggles

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How can I get a prescription goggle?

Prescription Goggles

If you have a prescription, make sure the goggle you choose is available with a prescription lens. Because it can sometimes be difficult to find goggles that can be fitted with prescriptions, you may need to search around a bit. Some goggles come in step diopter options, which are pre-fabricated, usually in half-diopter steps. Therefore, the goggle will probably not be in your exact prescription, but will be cheaper than a custom-made goggle with your exact prescription. These pre-fabricated goggles are only acceptable for those with little or no astigmatism. If you have a large amount of astigmatism (greater than -1.00) then you need to go into a more expensive custom-made goggle.

With step diopter goggles, it is better to round down than up when it comes to your prescription. For instance, if you have a -2.25 prescription, use a -2.00 goggle lens. Some goggles won't let you put different powers in the right and left eyes, so if your powers vary greatly between the two eyes, you may need to search for a pair of goggles that will give you this option.



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