Choosing Sunglasses for the Heart-Shaped or Triangular Face

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What kind of sunglass frame should I choose for my heart-shaped or triangular face?

Choosing Sunglasses for the Heart-Shaped or Triangular Face

Do you have a heart-shaped or triangular face?

If you have a narrow chin with a peak dipping in your forehead from your scalp, you have a romantic, heart-shaped face. The best frame for you will help balance your face, making the narrow bottom look wider and more substantial.

So, you should look for a frame with a strong lower edge, either wider or with detail at the lower edge of the frame. This will draw attention to the bottom of the frame and make your face look wider near the chin.

Frames with heavy top edges and little or no bottom edge will not be as attractive on you as others. Some good examples of this type of frame are the Bolle Action Sports, D & G DD2175 and DD2176, and the Dickies Dagger.



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